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IBM keyboard & HP mouse

~IBM keyboard PS/2 or USB RM 20.00
~HP mouse PS/2 or USB RM 20.00

1 set RM30

IBM ThinkCentre Pentium 4 HT [Desktop]

1. 2.8GHZ RM 420.00 [order code ibm2.8]
2. 3.0GHZ RM 450.00 [order code ibm3.0]
~Home & office computer
~Can also be use as a server
~11 kg
~Window xp pro
~Plug & play [software all in]
~Pentium 4 Hyper Threading processor 2.8GHZ
~Black color
~Harddisk 40GB
~DDR 512MB
~DDR slot x4, occupied 2 slot
~CD rom
~Sata slot x2
~PCI slot x3
~AGP slot x1
~USB port rear x6, Front x2
~All built in mother board VGA, Audio, LAN, & speaker [save your money with onboard speaker]
~1 month warranty

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